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The Theatre Closet is an independent Queer Theatre Company, staging works that are a little kitsch, very camp, and serve high Queer extravaganza. The Theatre Closet is intrigued by all aspects of queer life and the stories that are special to our community and culture.  We create and produce works that let queer voices be heard and put our stories in the spotlight. These productions can be an original work by a queer playwright/deviser or a work that is commonly seen as heteronormative and performed through a queer lens. We aim to involve as many LGBTQIA+ as possible with every production and to ensure that queer artists are provided with a safe, respectful and collaborative experience. On top of this, we also want to highlight the importance of theatre/performance art as a community building experience, and wish to donate a percentage of our profits to queer support organisations that help strengthen our community. 


We also want to ensure that our allies are not left out! Just because you don’t identify as LGBTQIA+ doesn’t mean you can’t explore our wonderful culture and be a part of a Theatre Closet production!


artistic vision

Playful | Ambitious | Accessible | Human


All work and no play makes... everything pretty gross. Our productions, workshops and events are designed to encourage play. All artists associated with The Theatre Closet are encouraged to offer their ideas and experiences to our works, creating an open-minded and expressive environment. Our vision reflects the freeing, colourful and unique culture the queer community is all about. 


We are dedicated to create and produce works that explore all facets of queer identities. Our goal is to encourage more involvement with queer art in Tasmania and provide further exposure and support for local queer support bodies, and connect the broader community and the queer community closer together. The Theatre Closet is mad-keen to establish a market in Tasmania that provides queer artists a space to be seen the way they want to be seen, and heard the way they want to be heard. 



In 2019, Greater Hobart recorded the third lowest median income than in any other capital city area. The Theatre Closet works with small budgets, and offers affordable ticketing prices to ensure that all Tasmanians can access queer theatre. A style of theatre occasionally seen in our state, but not nearly enough. Queer actors deserve to work on stories that explore their identity in a safe and creative way, develop characters that show the humanity of the queer community, and showcase the playful and expressive nature of queer culture. 


We are dedicated to create and produce works that explore all facets of queer identities. Our works showcase powerful queer aesthetics to mainstream theatre audiences in Tasmania. Our productions reflect the loud and proud strength and determination the queer community has displayed throughout history, and challenge mainstream ideologies of queer culture and steer us away from those f *!kin stereotypical queer characters/stories. 

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